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How do I switch off the sounds?

The option to turn off the sounds is in the menu.

How do I change my name in the Leaderboard?

Click the icon next to your name or number in the list, and you can type a new name.

How do I use the magnifying glass?

Aim near any other bubbles and hold your finger, then the magnifying glass will appear.
Drag the magnifying glass until the crosshair is in the correct position, then tap inside the magnifying glass to shoot.
Remember that depending on the difficulty level, bubbles will squeeze through gaps smaller than themselves.

Tap outside the magnifying glass to remove it and cancel shooting.

How do I pick another difficulty?

In the menu you can pick any of the 5 other difficulties. For some difficulties, you will have to rotate your device.

You can start a new game in the current difficulty with the restart button (top left in the menu).

Will you post anything on my time line, or spam my friends?

No, we will never post anything without your explicit consent, and we will never send any messages to your friends.

Will you respect my privacy?

Yes, we will! We will not collect personal data, we will never spam you, and we will never share anything with other parties. Read our privacy policy for details.

If I re-install the game, will I lose my progress?

In the current version, yes, unfortunately you will lose your game and high score if you remove the game and install it again.

The game keeps freezing

If the game freezes, it is likely caused by too many apps loaded in memory. You can free up all memory if you restart your device. This will close all open apps, but it will leave all data untouched -- including your progress in the game.

My question is not listed here

If your question is not listed on this page, you can fill out our contact form and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.