Privacy Policy

This document describes the privacy policy for games (hereafter to be called "our games") and websites created by YPR Software & Games, located Westerd 39, 7941GA Meppel, The Netherlands (herafter to be called "we"). This policy explains what kind of data we collect from players of the game (herafter to be called "you"), and how we store and use that data.

1. Statistical data

Our games may collect statistical data about your progress, your scores, and specific actions you take, and send this data to our servers. This data may also contain an identifier that is unique to a particular installation of the game on a particular device. We will not collect your name, e-mail address or other personal data, nor can forementioned identifier be used to infer such personal data.

The collected statistical data is used to improve your experience within our present and future games.

This statistical data is stored on our servers and kept there for as long as is necessary for its purpose.

2. Advertizements

Our games may show advertizements provided by other parties. These advertizement providers may collect, store and use the advertizing identifier of your device. For example, this identifier may be used to link future installs or purchases to a particular advertizement shown. The operating system of your device may offer options to limit or prohibit collection and usage of this advertizing identifier.

For users in the European Economic Area, our games that show advertizements have an option in the menu or settings to offer you a choice between personalized ads that are taylored to your interests as inferred from previously collected data, and non-personalized ads. What type of data is collected and how it is used, is described in the respective privacy policies of each advertizement partner. You'll find a list of our advertizement partners and links to their privacy policies in the Appendix of this document.

3. In-app purchases

Our games may offer in-app purchases of various items. Any purchase you make is handled directly by the appropriate store. When you make a purchase, we do not have access to your password, credit card number, e-mail address or any other personal data that you may reveal or have revealed to the store.

4. Facebook

Our games may offer an option to connect to your Facebook account or to post stories on your Facebook timeline ("share"). If you allow our games to connect or to share, we will not have access to your e-mail address or other personal data, nor to such data of your friends.

In addition to the statistical data described in section 1, if you let our games connect to Facebook we may store on our servers an identifier provided by Facebook that is unique to your Facebook account and to the game that you opted to connect to Facebook. This identifier has no meaning outside the scope of that game, and cannot be used to link your activities in that game to anything you do outside that game.

Our games may offer options to post stories on your Facebook timeline, to invite friends to the same game, or to send specific items to any of your friends. Our games will never post anytging to your timeline, or to your friends, without your explicit consent for each individual event.

Our games may present a list of your score together with scores of your friends. For this purpose, these games have access to public data of your friends (name, profile picture). Our games won't have access to personal data of your friends.

Our games contain an option to disconnect from Facebook when you have connected before.

5. Other social media

Our games may offer options to share on social media besides Facebook. Our games will never post anything without your explicit consent for each individual event. We will not have access to your name, e-mail address or any other personal information stored in your account on those social media.

6. Leaderboards

Our games may offer an option to submit your scores and shown them in one or more leaderboards. Before doing so, the game may prompt you for a name or alias. This name or alias, your country as inferred from your IP-address, and your score will be visible to other players of the game.

You can change or remove this name or alias at any time. When you remove this name or alias, no future scores will be submitted but existing score submissions may remain visible to other players.

7. E-mail

When you send us e-mails using e-mail software or the support form on our website, or in any other way, we may keep a history of the e-mail conversation. This history will, amongst other things, contain the e-mail address or addresses, and the name or names that you used in your e-mails to us.

This e-mail conversation history is used to improve the level of support we can offer you.

We will never share, sell, or otherwise disclose your name, e-mail address, or other personal data to other parties. We will never use your e-mail address to send you unsollicited commercial mail (also known as "spam").

8. Cookies

When you visit our websites, we may store "cookies" in your browser. Cookies are pieces of data that are sent to our servers every time you visit a page on our website. Cookies that we store will never contain or reveal any personal information.

Cookies that we store are used to improve your experience on our websites (they may, for example, contain your preferred language). These cookies cannot and will not be used to track your visits to other websites, nor will they be used to show you personalized advertizements.

Our websites may contain third party elements (for example, a "like" button) that store cookies that are outside our control. Please consult the privacy policy of the suppliers of such elements about what data is stored in those cookies and how it is used. Your browser may offer an option to disable such third party cookies.

9. Data security

Our servers may be located in any country in the world, including countries outside the European Union. Although we make all possible effort to protect the data that is stored on our servers, we cannot guarantee that stored data is not accessed by governamental institutes, or by individuals that succeed in defying our security measures.

The e-mail conversation history as described in section 7 may be stored on servers of a third party e-mail provider.

10. Data removal

If you wish, you may request that we remove the e-mail conversation history as described in section 7. Please send an e-mail to (and yes, we will remove that e-mail too).

Because no means exist to link statistical or leaderboard data (as described in section 1, 4 and 6) to any particular individual, we are unable to remove such data that originated from a particular individual. Therefore statistical data or leaderboard entries cannot be subject of a removal request.

11. Miscellaneous

If any conflict arises from this privacy policy, such conflict will be resolved before a judge in The Netherlands, using law and jurisdiction of The Netherlands.

If any part of this policy is deemed invalid or conflicts with legislation in your country, all other parts of this policy remain valid.

We may update or change this privacy policy at any time. The current version of this policy can always be found at Any change in this privacy policy takes effect immediately after the changed version has been published at forementioned web address.

In case you have any questions about this privacy policy, you can contact us at


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