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Blendolous is a free, addictive game where you move blocks and blend colors. Watch the video!

How to play

  • Swipe to move all blocks to one side
  • Primary colors (red, yellow, blue) blend into a mix color (orange, green, purple)
  • A mix color blends with the third primary color into black
  • Black blocks combine for more points

Although the rules are simple, you will really have to concentrate and think ahead to keep the game alive. Don't let the board fill up with all different colors that don't match! Can you reach a new high score?

In Challenge mode, you have to reach a target number of blacks to win. There are numerous challenges - the first ones are easy, but thet become ever more difficult. You'll have to set your brain to work for the later ones! How far can you get?

Download this compelling game and become hooked today!

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Blendolous also has a color-blind option where the blocks contain symbols instead of mere colors.

Questions, or problems with the game? Visit our support page.

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