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App name: BbblShtr
Publisher: YPR Software B.V. (YPRgames)
Release date: August 2017
Platforms: Apple App Store
Google Play Store
Price: free


BbblShtr is a classic Bubble Shooter game with some unique features. A Magnifying Glass helps the player to aim with enhanced precision. A range of six difficulties ensures that there is a matching game for everyone. Three difficulties are played in landscape orientation, for an extra challenge. An option to show symbols helps those who have problems distinguishing between the colors.

In a classic bubble shooter game, the player shoots their bubble towards other bubbles. When a combination of three or more bubbles of the same color is made, they are removed. After a certain number of shots where no combination was made, an extra row of bubbles is added. The game is won when all bubbles of all colors are removed.

BbblShtr is free, with advertizements taht can be removed with an in-app purchase. The game is designed for both phones and tablets, and is available for iOS and Android.



Original screen shots

Sample game Sample game
Magnifying glass Magnifying glass
Easy game Easy game
Hard game Hard game
Challenge game Challenge game
Pro game Pro game
Expert game Expert game

Additional images, as they appear in the store:

Sample game Sample game
Magnifying glass Magnifying glass
Six difficulties Six difficulties
Symbols option Symbols option
Easy game Easy game


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BbblShtr is free

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