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App name: Blendolous
Publisher: YPR Software B.V. (YPRgames)
Release date: June 2015
Platforms: Apple App Store
Google Play Store
Price: free to play


Blendolous is a casual puzzle game where the player has to move tiles and blend colors. A swipe moves all colored tiles to one side; tiles in different primary colors will blend into a tils in their mix color. A mix color will blend with the third primary color into black. Black tiles will combine for more points. To assist the player, colors that will blend are indicated by little arrows. With every move, a new randomly colored tile appears in a random place.

The game offers two modes: regular game and challenge. In regular game mode, the player will try to improve his high score and get listed in the leaderboard. In challenge mode, the player plays a series of challenge games, where he will try to reach an ever increasing number of black tiles.

This game requires both skill and luck to win. Gameplay tends to be very dynamic - at times the board fills up, and then after a few fortunate colors and smart moves, it quickly clears again.

A clean, minimalistic game design helps the player concentrate and focus on the game itself.

For people having difficulty distinguishing between the colors, there is a color-blind option that makes the game use symbols instead of mere colors.

Blendolous is free to play. The game is designed for both phones and tablets, and is available for iOS and Android.



App preview (YouTube):


Sample game
New High Score
Challenge game
How to play
Color-blind mode

Additional images, as they appear in the store:

Sample game
Challenge game
Color-blind mode


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Blendolous is free to play

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